Crowd is a digital communications agency based in Bournemouth, London, Dubai and San Francisco. Discovering and nurturing new talent is central to our ethos as an agency. To this end we work closely with Arts University Bournemouth, enjoying a symbiotic relationship with many of the University’s uniquely talented students.


Inspired to provide a platform for some of the finest up-and-coming designers, illustrators and typographers to showcase their work to our global audience of leading creative professionals, we founded Crowd Art Shop.


Challenging new talent to express the creative process through visual media, our online store pulls together a diverse group of artists, each commissioned to create a series of four artworks, now available as a series of limited edition prints.


Beautifully printed on art paper, signed and individually numbered, each set of prints celebrates the creative process through the singular visions of our talented artists. From elegantly rendered hand typography to rich, vibrant illustration, each work channels each artist’s view of the creative process, with aesthetically pleasing, witty – and often surprising results.


Committed to the financial reward of artists and designers for their creativity, Crowd not only commission the art you see but also have a profit share with the artist for every picture sold.

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